Calibre work

I’ve been working on a few new features for Calibre recently. They will appear once pluginize is turned into trunk. All of the recent features that I though were going to be part of the 0.5 release are currently in pluginize. I was under the impression that pluginize was going to be released as 0.5. Looks like the pluginization is taking a bit more time than expected. I don’t know when any of these changes will appear but I know that they will eventually hit trunk.

One of the two recent features I’ve been working on is a plain text output converter. Just like mobi, epub and what not you give it a supported ebook format and it will output the book as a plain text file.

The other feature I’ve been working on is much more interesting and useful. It is auto-convert for the GUI. Many music managers will auto-convert a music file that isn’t supported by the device into a format that is supported by the device than transfer the supported file. This is what has been added to Calibre. No longer will you get a not supported format error when sending an ebook to the device that isn’t in a format supported by the device. Calibre will automatically convert the ebook into a format supported by the device and transfer the supported format instead.

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  1. LOVE your work. As soon as some of my freelance work pays, I’m donating some money. What an incredibly FANTASTIC app to sort out all my Kindle books!

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