Device interfaces can now be configured in the GUI. Also, there is a simple framework for creating plugin configuration widgets.

I’ve added a metadata reader for the eReader format. However, eReader supports 3 ways to set the metadata in the file.

  1. In the pdb header (only supports setting a short title).
  2. In the metadata section of the file (supports the most information: title, author, publisher, copyright, isbn).
  3. Embedded in the text as a comment. 2 and 3 are only accessible if the book does not contain DRM (or has been unlocked, but Calibre does not support this). 3 is not supported at all with this metadata reader. The reader first tires 2 then falls back to 1 if the book is DRMed or if the metadata section is non-existent.

Two new input and output formats have been added. ztxt and palmdoc. They are both pdb formats like eReader. For input the pdb input plugin will automatically determine the internal format and call the appropriate code path. For output the default is palmdoc but there is an option –format that can be used to change it to any other supported pdb output format (ztxt is the only other currently). The format option is also available in the conversion dialog in the GUI.

Speaking of conversion in the GUI. It now works. There are all new dialogs for single and bulk conversion. Pretty much anything that can be done using the command line ebook-convert can be done in the GUI. Bulk, single and auto conversion are all complete and working. Auto conversion will also honor a users preferences for formats set for the device interface plugin.