This week comes with some great new additions. It also comes with some great new challenges. Not to mention more work for next week.

eReader output is complete and working. The files produced are the same format as those produced by Dropbook (more on this in a bit). In addition to eReader output I’ve added metadata writing for eReader files.

There is one major issue I’ve come across concerning the eReader format. The files produced by Makebook are significantly different than those produced by Dropbook. The files I’ve been using for reverse engineering the format have all been produced by Dropbook. My implementation for eReader input only works with Dropbook format files. As such, Makebook produced files will not work and are currently not supported. They will be unsupported for the foreseeable future because of how different the format is to Dropbook, and because Makebook is not supported nor being developed. It was replaced by Dropbook some time ago.

The PDB container format also got a metadata writer. However, the PDB wrapper itself only supports setting the book title. So that’s all that gets written to PDB files that either don’t support metadata in their internal format or that don’t have their own specific metadata writer.

eReader wasn’t the only format to get some output work. FB2 output has been added as well. However, there is no metadata writer for it yet.

The final bit of work I did for this week was to add auto convert to sending by email in the GUI. It’s the same idea as auto convert for sending to a device. If the file that is being sent is not in a format that is accepted by the email address (this is configurable setting) the file will be auto converted to a suitable format before being sent.