There was no week in review last week because I went on vacation this past week. So this week in review combines everything since the last week in review.

I’ve made a few bug fixes to some output formats, PDB metadata and FB2 output mainly. The major things I’ve been working on is a bit of restructuring for the GUI and fixing some small bugs.

The GUI has had the button in the status bar (jobs, tags, cover flow) moved to a side bar on the right hand side. The version information and device connected information has moved to the status bar. The donate button was moved to the side bar. The status bar is now collapsible. When collapsed it shows less information (the list of formats for the selected book). When expanded it shows the book info the same as it does currently. The location view that lists the library and the connected device is hidden when no device is connected. I’ve added an About button to the new sidebar that will show some information about calibre. Overall these changes have two major benefits. It makes the interface a lot more netbook friendly and makes the book table larger so more information can be seen.

These changes to the GUI will be part of the 0.6 series but I can’t say for certain if it will be included in the initial 0.6.0 release.