I haven’t had one of these for quite some time. I’ve been working on other projects and on the calibre font I’ve only dealing with small bug fixes. However, this past week I’ve done a bit of work that is worth mentioning.

I’ve cleaned up the FB2 output. It fixes some invalid markup. Fixes some issues with text not being displayed by FBReader. It also fixes some issues with invalid characters making there way into hrefs.

eReader PDB output also got some love. Some kind people have been working on the reverse engineering of the file format and have filled in a number of the blanks I left. All of the additional information that has been discovered has been added to the files produced. The two main things that have been added are chapter and link indexes. The chapter indexes give the nice names at the top of the eReader viewer application. The link index allows links to work in the eReader viewer application.

To coincide with the eReader PDB output changes, PML input and output had some cleanup. It looks better now and replaces unicode characters with the UXXXX equivalent.