Month: November 2009

Why User Replaceable Batteries Don't Matter

Robert B, who is Astak’s Director of Bus. Devl., posted a blog entry about user replaceable batteries. I mostly agree with him that they are a benefit to consumer electronics. I mostly agree because I don’t see them as a positive in every case. I posted the following... Continue reading

Calibre Week In Review

I spent the past week fixing as many bugs with the new PML input parser and cleaning up as much of the output as I could. I really need to thank WayneD for helping find bugs with the new code. Also, Kevin Hendricks who has been working on his own... Continue reading

Calibre Week In Review 17

author: John date: 2009-11-23 01:51:20+00:00 layout: post link: /2009/11/22/calibre-week-in-review-17/ slug: calibre-week-in-review-17 title: Calibre Week in Review wordpress_id: 271 tags: calibre eReader pml Continue reading

KDocker 4.3 Released

Large parts of the application have been restructured. For instance QtSingleApplication is now being used. The major new feature is the window manager decoration close button (X at the top right) can now optionally iconify the window when clicked. The -c command line option has also changed. It no longer... Continue reading

Sending WM_DELETE_WINDOW client messages

In my X11 Intercept Window Close Event post I left out one very important piece of information. How to actually close the embedded window after intercepting the WM_DELETE_WINDOW message. The best thing to do is send our own WM_DELETE_WINDOW message to the embedded window. This will keep the embedded... Continue reading

X11 Intercept Window Close Event

Note Nov, 8 2009: a few additions have been made to the code samples to make them more complete. Specifically subscribing to X11 events. A feature request for KDocker was made a few days ago for docking when closed. Basically the person wants the window to iconify when the... Continue reading