I spent a bit of time working on calibre this week. I worked on profiles, devices and a bug fix here and there.

A few new profiles were added. Specifically profiles for the Sony PRS 300 and 900. They have a different screen size and resolution than the 6" models so they warranted their own profiles.

I added support for two new devices. The Airis Dbook and the Binatone Readme. Along with supporting new devices I also reorganized and renamed a few. The BeBook device interface is not called Hanlin. The BeBook is a rebraned Hanlin. The EZReader, LBook, Eco Reader are also rebranded Hanlins. They all were using the BeBook interface. So I renamed it to be a little more generic and avoid confusion.

One big bug fix this week. There was a typo in the tag map for PML output. It causes italics to be ignore. This has been corrected.