Cybook 2.0 Firmware Identity Issues

On Christmas eve Bookeen finally released the long awaited 2.0 firmware for the Cybook Gen 3 and Cybook Opus. As soon as I returned from my Christmas vacation I upgraded my Gen 3 to the 2.0 version. Today while debugging a device issue for calibre I noticed that my Gen 3 kept being detected as an Opus. Doing a little digging I found this:

$ calibre-debug -d
Version: 0.6.32
USB devices on system:
['0xbda', '0x703', '0x110', 'Bookeen', 'Cybook Opus', '600AB038CB09484'],
Looking for CYBOOKG3
	(3034, 1795, 272, 'Bookeen', 'Cybook Opus', '600AB038CB09484')
Looking for CYBOOK_OPUS
	(3034, 1795, 272, 'Bookeen', 'Cybook Opus', '600AB038CB09484')
Devices possibly connected: Cybook Opus Device Interface,
Trying to open Cybook Opus Device Interface ... OK
Main memory: '/media/Cybook Gen3/'
Total space: (495251456L, 0, 0)

It seems Bookeen has once again screwed up the firmware release. They wanted one firmware so now every Gen 3 that has updated now has the product identifier set to Opus. The Gen 3 models use a number of different hex product and vendor ids and only the later ones are the same as the opus. Anyone on Linux or OS X with an earlier Gen 3 who is using the 2.0 (possibly 1.5 but I didn’t test it) firmware will not have their device detected by calibre any longer. This is because once the hex ids are matched there is further matching based on the text ids for Linux and OS X. This isn’t going to be fun to work around.

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