Cybook 2.0 Firmware Calibre Fix

I’ve committed a fix for the Cybook 2.0 firmware id issue I posted yesterday. In calibre I’ve combined the Gen 3 and Opus device interfaces into one generic Cybook interface. Both were very similar and the Opus was just a subclass of the Gen 3. Also, with the 2.0 firmware being for both the Gen 3 and Opus there should be no difference in the capabilities of the two devices. If you own an Opus you will still want to use the Opus profile however, when you connect the device it will just show as using the Cybook interface. Also, with the interfaces being combined into one, the device specific configuration is now Cybook / Opus.

There were two reasons for combining the interfaces. I was unable to find a way to differentiate the Gen 3 and the Opus with the 2.0 firmware. A Gen 3 with the 2.0 firmware reports itself as an Opus. I was unable to find a way around this and felt it was better to have a Cybook interface. Also, I have the unfortunate pleasure of owning a Gen 3 which, even before the 2.0 firmware, used the same device ids of the Opus. It however did not use the Opus device strings. Due to this I am unable to determine if the 2.0 firmware changes the ids or just the strings. Combining the two interfaces keeps all Gen 3’s working and keeps some Gen 3’s from being detected as the Opus.

2 thoughts on “Cybook 2.0 Firmware Calibre Fix

  1. John, I read your comments on the 2.0 Cybook upgrade. I’m not sure if the Cybook-Opus issue is contributing to the following problem with my Gen 3: I can access all my own books if I install firmware version 1.5. However, whenever I upgrade to 2.0 the Cybook only displays those books originally supplied with the eReader, although my computer shows them as being in the library. Re-installing 1.5 again displays my books. I would like to upgrade to 2.0 because of the remove margins facility for pdfs but am not sure what the problem is. Have you any advice please?
    Thanks, Michael.

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