I have been taking a short break from blogging again. The pressure at work has only increased and is eating into a lot of my time. I haven’t been motivated to work on personal projects because well they are work. However, this has recently changed a bit.

I’ve started a Qt based library for reading ebooks in a generic manner. It is called lebookread! It is it’s early stages. So far I have it supporting epub, palmdoc pdb, ztxt pdb, tcr, and rb files. I plan to support ereader pdb, mobi, and plucker files in the near future.

The main goal of this project is to make reading ebooks easy for Qt based projects. I’ve chose to write the library in C++. This is also my first attempt at writing a library and it shows. I hope that it will be used by Sigil.

The real motivation of writing lebook read is I really want a good light weight ebook reader. The current offering have issues. I want something that is a bit more advanced in it’s rendering than FBReader. I also didn’t want anything with as large a dependency list as calibre. So, I plan on using lebookread to write my own ebook viewer.