Month: August 2010

Duplicity Backup Script

I’ve started using duplicity combined with Amazon’s S3 to backup this server. Duplicity is an amazing application that makes backups simple. Some of the features I like best about duplicity are: it encrypts the data, compresses it, splits it into manageable chunks, does incremental backups, and can backup... Continue reading

Spideroak Review

author: John date: 2010-08-02 23:55:33+00:00 layout: post link: /2010/08/02/spideroak-review/ slug: spideroak-review title: Spideroak Review wordpress_id: 459 categories: articles Opinion tags: backup dropbox review spideroak Continue reading

Kernel 2.6.34, Xorg 1.8 and video-intel 2.12.0 Issues

For quite a long time Intel has been the shining light of open source video drivers on Linux. Even though Intel integrated video doesn’t have the highest performance it was what you needed to have for full 3D support, and fancy splash screens when booting with (plymouth). By no... Continue reading