This week saw some more work on FB2 output. I’ve added support for a few formatting types from the 2.1 spec. Also, a very helpful user submitted a patch for sectionizing. It allows for sectonizing based on the file structure (based on EPUB splitting), no sectonizing and based on TOC. There is one limitation based on TOC sectionization. It only works when the TOC item points to an element within the document. It does not work with TOC items that point to actual pages. However, it’s a vast improvement and works very well with calibre’s auto TOC.

On the MobileRead forums a user (SweetPea) mentioned a use case that was causing her some problems. Basically, when her device is connected she would select the book in her library and press delete thinking it would delete from the book from the reader. A few other users chimed in a said that they expected that same behavior. This is a perfect example of what you as a programmer expects to happen and what the user expects being vastly different. To accommodate this case I’ve added a dialog that appears when you try to delete a book in the library that also appears on the connected device. The dialog asks where you want to delete the book from: Library, Device or Both. Hopefully, this reduced confusion and I personally like this idea because it makes it so I don’t have to switch between my device and library as much.