This is a short week for the week in review because I’m now doing my week from Friday to Thursday. Last week I ended my week on Monday so this review only has a few days worth of work.


I’ve added an import plugin that runs over TXT content when it is added to the library. What happens is the TXT file is scanned looking for Markdown (inline or reference) and Textile image references. It collects all of the images and adds them plus the TXT file to a TXTZ archive when the following conditions are true:

  • Path must not be empty.
  • Path must be a relative path.
  • The mimetype of the image (based on extension) must be an OEB supported image type. (JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF).
  • The image must exist relative to the TXT file’s location and the location specified by the path.

If no images are found referenced in the TXT file or if they images found fail the above tests then a TXTZ archive is not created and the TXT file itself is added to the library.

PML Input:

Fix a bug where TOC entries specified by x and X were not being included in the TOC.


Italcize common cases patterns got tweaked again. One pattern (/text/ would match <br /> </... and cause issues.