Month: July 2011

Formatting Tips Series

author: John date: 2011-07-30 02:10:01+00:00 layout: post link: /2011/07/29/formatting-tips-series/ slug: formatting-tips-series title: Formatting Tips Series wordpress_id: 745 categories: Formatting Tips tags: about Continue reading

Formatting Tips: Print Style Paragraphs

About Formatting Tips. When creating an ebook using EPUB paragraphs default to looking like they do on a web page. Each paragraph is separated by a blank line and there is tab indent. It’s relatively easy to format your ebook to look like a printed book. The first paragraph... Continue reading

All Sigil 0.4 Blocker Bugs Squashed!

Tonight I was able to fix bug 813 (see 837 for details). This is the last blocker bug for the 0.4 release. I merged a few patches there were sitting around. I’ve also fixed and issue with changes to metadata not being relayed to the GUI as the file... Continue reading

Taking Over Sigil

author: John date: 2011-07-25 01:33:49+00:00 layout: post link: /2011/07/24/taking-over-sigil/ slug: taking-over-sigil title: Taking Over Sigil wordpress_id: 732 categories: Sigil tags: development Continue reading

Calibre Week in Review

This week saw some more work on Get Books. Once change is not user visible but makes it easier for new stores to be added. The other change is user visible and was suggested by a user. I’ve added a base class for OPDS OpenSearch based stores. It will use... Continue reading