This week saw some more work on Get Books. Once change is not user visible but makes it easier for new stores to be added. The other change is user visible and was suggested by a user.

I’ve added a base class for OPDS OpenSearch based stores. It will use the OpenSearch url and retrieve all results. It then puts them into a SearchResult object for use with Get Books. Individual stores will need to do some massaging of the results because I’ve found that the results are often inconsistent from store to store. However, this class does the bulk of the work as far as searching and retrieving results goes.

The other change is the ability for results to be directly downloaded within the Get Books search result dialog. Often stores with OPDS access will have direct download links as part of an entry. Now stores can collect these links and pass it along to the search dialog. When present the search dialog will show a green down arrow signifying that the item can be downloaded. Clicking the item will show a dialog asking which format (usually there are many) to download. If you don’t want to download you can right click and choose the option to go to the result in the store itself. This change is to make it even easier for people to get books into calibre. Only a few stores support this due to the nature of the stores themselves but I hope to see more in the future..