Formatting Tips is a series of articles focused on helping format an ebook to make it visually appealing. The major focus will be on EPUB. However, these articles will not always focus on that format. I plan to touch on ebook creation in general too.

EPUB internally uses of XHTML and CSS for formatting. I recommend using Sigil for formatting your EPUB ebooks. However, I will try to keep the information in these articles focused on generic so that the techniques can be applied using any editor, even a basic text editor like Notepad.

These articles are aimed at all audiences but a basic level XHTML and CSS knowledge is assumed. Also, many of the techniques I will be presenting can be handled in a number of different ways. I am going to focus on what I’ve found works for me.

I am a bit biased and prefer free and open source solutions. Many of the tools I will be talking about I help to develop. I am a developer for both Sigil and calibre for instance.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns. Please realize I am not an expert on everything. I encourage people ask questions at MobileRead which is an excellent community devoted to everything ebook related.