This is primarily a maintenance release with a large number of fixes. Find and replace (F&R), GUI tweaks and spell check were the major focus. Highlights include: F&R now supports wrapping and the ability to search within selected files. The GUI now (hopefully) remembers cursor position when switching views. en_GB dictionary was added, all dictionaries were updated and hyphenation dictionaries are now included by default. For a full list of all changes for this release please see the Changelog.

This release wouldn’t have come off as smoothly, quickly or with as many fixes and new features without the help of meme from MobileRead. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this release possible.

Starting with this release I want to start making smaller releases with less time between them. I plan to target approximately 4 weeks between releases give or take two weeks. I believe this will make development more fluid and allow for greater user input.

My short term plans for upcoming releases are (not all of these will be in the next release):

  • Make book view editing more robust.
  • Firebug style element inspection.
  • Make code view editing more robust.
  • Plugin interface.
  • Move auto cleaning and restructuring into plugins.

My long term plans are EPUB 3. This is not a short term goal but I plan / want to make this a reality by the end of this year.