Version 4.6 is now available for direct download.

This release adds a few new features which I hope will be very helpful.

The biggest new feature is really an enhancement to an existing feature. Matching by name now supports using regular expressions (regex). The -e option was added which allows specifying the matching type. Normal substring matching is still supported and is the default. Regex, unix wildcard, wildcard and xml schema 1.1 are additional choices. Matching has been further enhanced with the addition of the -j option to enable case sensitive matching. The -k option was added to all for regex (when specified) to perform minimal matching.

Another new feature is the ability to hide and show a docked application by using the mouse scroll wheel. When scrolling over the docked icon in the system tray mouse wheel up will show and mouse wheel down will hide.

Finally, the help options are now wrapped at 79 characters. This is a purely aesthetic change and is intended to make the help text easier to read.