Sigil 0.6.1 Released

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of Sigil 0.6.1. This release is mainly bug fixes but it does have a few new features. For a full list of changes please see the Changelog.

A few notable features are:

  • Audio and Video tags will no longer be stripped. Audio and Video files are now put into Audio and Video folders and links are updated properly.
  • Clean Source has a new (consider it beta) non-destructive pretty printer.
  • You can now control when Clean Source is run automatically. There is also a right click menu entry in Code View.
  • Sigil is now more tolerant of mal-formed epubs.
    • If an html file within the epub is not well-formed it will be read as is into Sigil and will be skipped during the book normalization process. This will cause the file to potentially have invalid links to other resources.
    • Handle invalid or duplicate IDs in the OPF.
  • Reports have been enhanced


Two additional changes I forgot to mention. I’m now signing the OS X app with an Apple provided developer certificate. This will allow Sigil to run with Gatekeeper. Also, I’m now providing md5 checksums for all binaries (and source package) on the download page.

Also, The 0.6.1 packages when out without the date for 0.6.1 being set in the changelog. This oversight isn’t a major issue and doesn’t warrant pulling the packages. The Changelog will have the correct release date for 0.6.1 in the next release.

4 thoughts on “Sigil 0.6.1 Released

  1. Hi John,

    Just installed and using latest Sigil released today (3rd Dec 2012) – and a very satisfied and grateful Sigil user, I might add. Albeit I’m, very much an epub and CSS/HTML “greenhorn” !!

    Run into a slight problem, though, compared with previous version 0.6.0 with the following action causing 0.6.1 to “crash” … every single time. I’ve never encountered this particular prob on previous and earlier versions, so just reporting it to you in case it helps “complete the feedback loop” for you?

    Working on a small epub. And attempting a “global” search-and-replace action.
    It performs the action quite satisfactorily (no crashes at all) in replacing a regular apostrophe (thus ‘) with a a “curly” apostrophe (thus ’)…

    But when attempting the same global search-and-replace to replace regular double-quote
    mark (thus “) with a “curly” opening quotation mark (thus “)… it crashes reliabaly on every single occasion.

    Just letting you know in case it helps. Will revert to previous (0.6.0) version for the time being.

    I will respond again if the same problem is now occurring under 0.6.0 (whereas it most certainly was NOT happening before.) It is possible that tyhe epub file I’m working on has somehow got corripted. So I will come back to you and let you know if the the problem is NOT specific to 0.6.1, if that’s OK?

    Hope this helps, and once again, many thanks for all that you do on Sigil. It really IS very much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Mark E. Pearce

    Mon 3rd Dec (circa 13:35 hrs GMT)

    (Nr. Newtown, Powys, Mid-Wales

    1. This is a long standing issue. When you replace ” with the curly version it also replaces the required identifiers such as the doctype and the xml declaration. The xml declaration in particular having curly quotes causes the XML parsing library Sigil uses to fail. In previous versions you would just lose all data in the document in this case.

  2. Thanks John… that was bloomin’ quick!!

    I THINK!! I understand what you are saying, but I am correcting (manually, or via a cut-and paste operation) all the required identifiers in the doctype and xml declarations (in the “header” ??) of my file, such that “non-curly” double-quote mark identifiers are preserved) in order to avoid this.

    Just to be clearer?? …. The “crash” was not previously happening on 0.6.0 at the instant I executed (any) global search-and-replace, … whereas NOW…

    0.6.1 is satisfactorily performing a search-and-replace for single (straight) apostrophe to a “curly” apostrophe (or is it a single “curly” CLOSING quote mark??

    BUT …. the <> that I execute the search and replace to replace a “straight” double quote mark, with a “curly” OPENING double-quotation mark, the crash <> occurs. I don’t think I am doing anythimng at all different in editing my document (action, sequence of actions etc etc.) than I was doing previously in 0.6.0 (which was not giving me any crashes at all)
    But now (in 0.6.1), the second I attempt the global search-and replace to swap the straight double-quote marks , for the more typographically correct (??) opening and closing “curly” double-quote marks, it triggers a “crash” on every occasion.

    I hear and completely accept what you say on this being a long-standing issue, and I THINK (!!) I understand what you are saying… that the doctype and xml declarations MUST REMAIN as “straight” quotes. All I can really say in my defence, is that executing the straight-to-curly double-quote mark search-and-replace actiion NEVER prompted a “crash” under 0.6.0 …

    whereas performing this same search-and-replace action now seems to cause an IMMEDIATE crash on every single occasion.

    I don’t know whether it does, but I HOPE this explain my situation a little more clearly?

    I will happily append my OSX “problem Report log” to you if this might help in any way??

    Thanks, again for the time being, John.

    I’m just going to try again reverting to 0.6.0 , and it’s not a big deal. I am just perplexed more than anything on why 0.6.1 is (apparently) causing such a reliable !! “crash” now (on a relatively un-complex search-and-replace action, whereas it wasn’t on 0.6.0.

    Cheers again

    Mark Pearce

  3. Hi, John… it’s me…. yet again, I’m afraid!! (Mark Pearce, Mid-Wales) cica 14:35 GMT (UK time) the posts are showing 8-9am (US EST ??)

    Just to let you know, I’ve reverted to doing what I was attempting before, but now using 0.6.0 …

    And no problems with crashes whatsover, (on the very same file, the very same XHTML chapter, the very same search-and-replace action that I was attempting under 0.6.1)

    So it does APPEAR that the straight double-quotes to “curly double quotes global (“replace all”) search-and-replace “crash” that I am experiencing is only occurring on 0.6.1 … (for me at least!!)

    As I said earlier, I COMPLETELY accept what you say that the doctype and xml identifiers MUST END UP AS straight double quote marks in order to avoid major probs, crashes, etc. with the epub.

    But mine (identifiers) ARE ending up as stright ones, as I’m cut-and-pasting my chapter “header” etc from a previous chapter to correct this … AFTER I have finished playing at my “curly-quotes” typography on the main body of the text.

    I’ll carry on editing using 0.6.0 for the time being…. But if I can help you with any further info/elaboration/crash logs etc.on this, then please let me know.

    But please don’t think I have raised this with you as any sort of criticism, whinge or whatever!

    My only intention in raising it with you was as an opportunity to a ‘big Thank You’ say just how much we out here appreciate Sigil… and to (hopefully!!) provide you with some constructive, helpful feedback… an early-Beta tester, if you like … albeit one that is still VERY MUCH wet behind the ears as far as epubs, CSS, HTML etc go,… AND one who doesn’t exactly have a lot of a clue as to what he is doing, but that thanks to your Sigil … I can produce, edit work on the epubs I want to and produce the desired end-result and all without a great deal of knowledge or experience!!

    Cheers, again, for now.

    Mark Pearce

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