Sigil 0.8.5 Released

This release is a maintenance release of the 0.8.x series and fixes a few critical bugs. Currently 0.8.x is the being maintained for critical fixes while the 0.9.0 is being worked on. You can find binary packages here and the change log, here.

Finally, the sha256 checksum for the checksum file is c34fe0e4d5d7fac3347a23e0644b1e72c6250579cc1939c625911d03800e967f. The Mac package is signed by my signing key (John Schember) and 10.9.5 is the minimum OS X version but it was built and tested on 10.10. The Windows builds were built on Windows 7.

2 thoughts on “Sigil 0.8.5 Released

    1. Good idea. Thanks, I’ll have to look into it. We’ve had performance issues using Javascript editors but CSS is relatively small so I don’t think we’ll have to worry. Just realize that epub 3 is our priority at the moment so something like this would most likely come after.

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