Teavana has a thermometer with a timer that allows you to get your tea to the correct temperature and then steep for the correct amount of time. The problem with them is they come with limited instructions. There is nothing provided on how to replace the battery. I’d rather not throw out a perfectly good device and buy a new one just because I can’t figure out how to change the battery.

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The good news is the thermometer does have a replaceable battery. Also, it’s pretty easy to replace. It’s not obvious and I did break one a little bit (still works) to figure out how to get the battery out.


  • 3/16" flat head screwdriver
  • #00 philips head screwdriver
  • Battery (Maxell CR2032 3V is inside)

The flat head doesn’t have to be the exact size listed. It’s used for popping it apart. You just need one that fits in the notch on the side. 3/16" fits perfectly.

Getting to the Battery

On the bottom there is a soft plastic mat like part. It’s flexible and pulls right off. There are a number of soft feet (for lack of a better term) that push into the hard plastic which holds the mat in place.

tt3 tt4

In the above picture you’ll see there is a small notch. On the side opposite the notch, in the middle hole under the mat, there is a screw. This is the only screw holding the bottom to the top. You’ll need the philips head screw driver.


After removing the screw put the flat head screw driver in the notch, push, and twist to separate the bottom from the top. Be careful to separate the black bottom from the black part of the top. Do not remove the silver part part of the top. The silver part is glued in place. It sits on top of the black plastic part of the top.

tt6 tt7

The top has a long wire that inserts into the metal temperature rod.


The top will have the battery exposed. It’s held on by a metal clasp with one screw. Remove the screw and lift the clasp off. Swap the battery with the new one and screw the clasp back on.

tt9 tt10

When reassembling there are a few things to keep in mind. The battery should be put in the same way it came out. Meaning, the top of the battery should be touching the clasp.

The top has a little black part. You’ll see it in the above pictures next to the battery, under the white wires. The bottom has a circular grove that this inserts into.


Another, thing to keep in mind is the sides. They can fall off. If they do, they have little stubs on each side which will slide right into the top (and bottom). Make sure the beveled top of the side piece isn’t upside down. It should be along the bevel on the top.

All that’s left is to put the rest together just like it was taken apart. Put the screw on the bottom back in place and push the feet of the mat back into the bottom.