Leaving Sigil in the Hands of New Maintainers

As of today I’m retiring from being part of Sigil. Nothing nefarious just lack of time (mainly) and motivation. This doesn’t mean the end of Sigil. Kevin Hendricks and Doug Massay have been working on Sigil with me for months now. I’m leaving it in their very capable hands.

To accommodate this transition I’ve created a GitHub organization for Sigil’s code. Kevin and Doug will be added as maintainers very soon. This way it’s not dependent on a repository connected to my personal account.

One thought on “Leaving Sigil in the Hands of New Maintainers

  1. I would like to say huge thanks for all the work you have done so far to make Sigil such a must-have for ebook makers. Sigil was the first editor I used and it was really useful in helping me to learn about the inner workings of ePub books. I still like to use it even though I also use paid-for tools now.

    Good luck with your future projects and thanks for helping me to get the ebook ‘bug’.

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