Calibre "Get book" Ideas

This is a list of ideas I’ve had or suggestions I’ve received from people about what to do with “Get books” in calibre to make it better. These are all ideas and may or may not make it into future release. OPDS set of classes that makes it very easy and quick to add new stores that support OPDS. Basically, the plugin author would only need to specify the base feed url and this class would take care of finding the search feed....

June 1, 2011 · John

Calibre Week in Review

This week saw some more work on FB2 output. I’ve added support for a few formatting types from the 2.1 spec. Also, a very helpful user submitted a patch for sectionizing. It allows for sectonizing based on the file structure (based on EPUB splitting), no sectonizing and based on TOC. There is one limitation based on TOC sectionization. It only works when the TOC item points to an element within the document....

December 20, 2010 · John

Calibre Week in Review

The bulk of what I’ve done this week was the many bug fixes going into the Calibre beta. The one other thing I worked on was bring image extraction back to PDF input. It works as well as the 0.5.x series now. Meaning it will handle simple cases but there are still some bugs.

June 20, 2009 · John