KDocker Ubuntu PPA Updated

I’ve updated the Ubuntu PPA for KDocker. It now includes the 4.6 release for Lucid, Maveric and Natty. Amd64 and i386 architectures have packages ready to go.

May 30, 2011 · John

KDocker 4.6 Released

Version 4.6 is now available for direct download. This release focus on fixing two bugs when using KDocker with the KWin window manager. It fixes and issue with windows not restoring when the “iconify when minimized” option is set. There is also a small change in how windows are focused after being restored as KWin often didn’t focus restored windows.

May 29, 2011 · John

KDocker 4.5 Released

Version 4.5 of KDocker is now available for direct download and from the Ubuntu ppa. Matching by name handling has been simplified in this release. The -y option to force matching by name has been removed. The -n NAME option now works the same as the -n -y combination. Also, name based matching now works whenever -n is used. Previously it would only work when KDocker is used to launch an application....

November 7, 2010 · John

KDocker PPA

I’ve updated the Ubuntu PPA for KDocker. 4.4 is now packaged for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. I wasn’t planning on continuing with the PPA but it was requested by a user. I plan to keep the PPA going for the latest released version and the latest LTS version until Ubuntu decides to include non-borken and up to date (at least the version released months before the Ubuntu release) packages.

October 17, 2010 · John

KDocker 4.4 Released

I’ve released KDocker 4.4 today. It is mostly bug fixes and clean up. However, there is one major change. The feature to dock when the window decorator close button (the x in the upper corner) is clicked has been removed. This feature was introduced in 4.3 and I really like how it. It gives KDocker a feature that no similar application has. However, I was not able to keep it due to a number of issues it introduced....

July 17, 2010 · John

KDocker 4.3 Released

Large parts of the application have been restructured. For instance QtSingleApplication is now being used. The major new feature is the window manager decoration close button (X at the top right) can now optionally iconify the window when clicked. The -c command line option has also changed. It no longer creates a borderless window it now disables the iconify behavior of the decoration close button. Note: There is one known issue with this release....

November 10, 2009 · John

Sending WM_DELETE_WINDOW client messages

In my X11 Intercept Window Close Event post I left out one very important piece of information. How to actually close the embedded window after intercepting the WM_DELETE_WINDOW message. The best thing to do is send our own WM_DELETE_WINDOW message to the embedded window. This will keep the embedded window embedded until it actually closes. Meaning any question dialogs that might stop the window from closing (Gedit asking to save for instance) can be answered and it keeps the window embedded if the user decides not to close....

November 8, 2009 · John

X11 Intercept Window Close Event

Note Nov, 8 2009: a few additions have been made to the code samples to make them more complete. Specifically subscribing to X11 events. A feature request for KDocker was made a few days ago for docking when closed. Basically the person wants the window to iconify when the X button on the window decoration is clicked. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time but it’s not the easiest feature to implement....

November 1, 2009 · John

KDocker 4.2 released

This release includes bug fixes as usual. Some new features: bash completion, iconify on focus lost option and Italian translation thanks to Alessio Cassibba. There is also a small change to the behavior when activating the tray icon. If the window is not visible it will become active and if it is active it will iconify. You can get it at the launchpad page. Somehow I forget to mention the 4....

September 27, 2009 · John

KDocker 4.0

Recently I’ve become the maintainer of the KDocker project. KDocker is a Qt application what allows you dock any application into the system tray. It currently supports any X Windows system. What I’ve done for the 4.0 release is, move the project to launchpad (Girish, the creator of the project is locked out of the Source Forge page) and port/re-write the entire app to use Qt 4. The port/re-write to Qt 4 is complete and I’ve released it....

September 16, 2009 · John