Week in Review

Calibre This week I focused on PDF output. There was a bug introduced in 0.8.17 that broke PDF output which has now been fixed. I was also able to fix PDF output on OS X. The PDF output engine on OS X is now using OS X's internal PDF engine instead of Qt's. Page sizes … Continue reading Week in Review

Calibre Week in Review

This week I finally sat down and spend some time with Markdown input and output. Both saw major changes. Markdown input was bumped to upstream version 2.0. Output was completely rewritten from scratch. Markdown output is now completely custom code (not using a third party output module like before). I based the new markdown code … Continue reading Calibre Week in Review

Dealing With Copyright Infringement – Calibre Being Ripped Off

*** Update: HamsterSoft has fixed the issue and is now in compliance with the GPL. They are no longer in violation of my copyright in regard to calibre *** Introduction Copyright infringement is something many creators come face to face with. Over the past two months it has been something I've been dealing with. A … Continue reading Dealing With Copyright Infringement – Calibre Being Ripped Off