KDocker 5.0 Released

I'm pleased to announce that with the help of Dave Butcher KDocker has been updated to use Qt 5! See what I did there with the version number. This release doesn't introduce any new features. It's so KDocker can remain useful and not become one more piece of software that you can't use on modern … Continue reading KDocker 5.0 Released

KDocker's Future With Waylands 1.7.0 Protocol "done" announcement

It was announced today that the Wayland protocol is now done. Wayland being the up and coming replacement for Xorg this poses a challenge for KDocker. KDocker uses X11, Xpm, and Xmu specifically to manipulate and dock windows. While Wayland is supposed to provide an X compatibility layer as we all know about compatibility layers … Continue reading KDocker's Future With Waylands 1.7.0 Protocol "done" announcement

KDocker 4.8 Released

Version 4.6 is now available for direct download. This release adds a few new features which I hope will be very helpful. The biggest new feature is really an enhancement to an existing feature. Matching by name now supports using regular expressions (regex). The -e option was added which allows specifying the matching type. Normal … Continue reading KDocker 4.8 Released